MVIWATA ARUSHA operates in 5 districts of Arusha Region. It is a grassroots membership organization of small-scale farmers:

The memberships are divided into three types:

1. Ordinary members, which fall into two categories;
a) Groups
b) Individual farmer whose membership is acquired through the group.
-The farmer becomes a member of MVIWATA automatically after his/her group/network has been registered as a member.

2. Organizations, Associations and Networks which are owned by small-scale farmers and whose objectives are compliant with the mission of MVIWATA can be eligible for membership.

3. Associate member is any person, institution or a group of people, who cannot become ordinary members but whose contribution can be outstanding and can enhance the mission of MVIWATA. An associate member shall be endorsed by the AGM.

Currently MVIWATA ARUSHA has more than 7,000 individual small-scale farmers (with membership cards) through their groups.