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Hon Abbas Kayanda said “As a government we recognize and appreciate the tremendous contribution by the private sector, the public sector and even non governmental organizations because their goal is to support our government’s efforts to ensure that every household becomes food secured.”

Karatu district commissioner Hon. Abbas Kayanda had a three days visits to kilimo endelevu program beneficiaries to see how program operates and its impact to farmers livelihood. He also visited activities implemented by MVIWATAARUSHA ,RECODA and Iles De Paix(IDP) under Kilimo Endelevu program which is funded by Directorate General Development(DGD) Belgium.Through this program more than 3000 farmers have been reached by learning about sustainable farming methods, water harvesting technics, livestock’s, nutrition education, post-harvest management technics and farmer’s  market strategies on their crops, livestock and their products.

He finalized the visit by saying that if  citizens are confident of food security even development activities can be done more easily, parents will be able to educate their children, be able to contribute to development activities, as well as other things that are happening in their community.

Lastly, District Commissioner assured all actors implementing the Kilimo Endelevu program (MVIWATAARUSHA, RECODA and IDP) that the government will continue to provide them with collaboration and support, whenever they see a need for the government to intervene in one way or another.